Wednesday, December 30, 2009

This was my big purchase while on vacation this week. For some reason the beginning of each year I think I am going to cook more and go out to restaurants less. The year never ends that way, but it's a nice thought and a good start. So I bought this beautiful crockpot and a book from Williams and Sonoma, which happens to be my new favorite store. Ever try their candles? I'm looking forward coming home to a house full of nice smells.

So today I went to the grocery store. Didn't even think how busy it was going to be. There were only 4 grocery carts left! So I take one and off I go. UGH! There were just too many people in the aisles. I couldn't wait until I got out. Of course when I got home I thought of a few things I forgot to write on my list. Now I get to go back....... Lucky me. Not sure why I hate grocery shopping so much. I love going to Target!

Monday, December 28, 2009

Museum Adventure

I just visited our local museum with a friend yesterday. I haven't been there for a really long time and forgot how spectacular it is. I haven't seen the dinosaur exhibit since it re-opened. It is spectacular! They also have a whale exhibit there from New Zealand. The architecture in the museum is wonderful. The old marble on the floors is worn with time and all the people that have passed through those hallways.

No this isn't the tree in my livingroom. But it is a tree in the Hall of Architecture. They had about 6 trees all decorated differently with different themes.

This could be my new pet. Now sure if it would eat me in the end, but it sure is cute. What do you think it's name should be? I did get to hold a real dinosaur bone.
This was in the American Indian exhibit. It really does look like I am on a river bank. Well except for the sign that says to come and sit inside the canoe. Just forget that is there and pretend I am on an Alaska riverbank.

You can't imagine how big the T Rex is. They have two facing each other as in battle. After seeing all these exhibits it is fun to think of the movie Night at the Museum and try to think if they all came alive what it would be like.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

This is Amelia. Three Rivers Knit and Crochet's youngest member. I made this sweater for Amelia. Her Mom, Rebecca, made her hat. Isn't she the cutest! She comes every week with her Mom and we love seeing the parade of clothes she has. I have to say she is a fashionista already.
I have been working on some really cool projects for Highland Alpaca's yarn store. The first picture is a sample of bed slippers. I haven't made them in Alpaca yet. This is the sample I made from Drops Eskimo wool. Then I felted them. I added an acrylic yarn at the top to give it a little embellishment. The slippers are knitted and fast and easy. Great for beginners.

The other project below is made from Highland's signature Alpaca yarn. The signature yarn is 3 strand. One strand is maroon, one black and one off white. I added some of my own Alpaca yarn for the black band. It is crocheted and another fast and easy project.

The hat pattern is offered free with the purchase of their yarn. I'm looking forward to next year and the projects I can cook up.