Friday, September 24, 2010

New Projects

These are my two new projects I just finished. If I must say so I think they are beautiful. They are both made for Highland Alpaca and the patterns are free with the purchase of their yarn.

The knitted shawl is called Willow's Shawl and is made from their bulky dyed yarn. Take a look at the edging. That is crab stitch, which is a crochet stitch, that is done from the left to right side. It creates a twist that reminds you of a rope.

This crocheted scarf I made for myself a couple years ago and I love wearing it. The stitch looks like ladder rungs and tied to those rungs are pieces of specialty yarn. In my mind it creates this funky hip look. I always get a lot of compliments when I wear it. Since the scarf is made with 100% alpaca you can also felt is to add a different look.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Yarn Ball is Almost Here

This is Amelia, Rebecca's baby. They both are part of my knitting and crochet group. I made the Santa hat for the yarn ball. In fact there will be 4 available for a donation towards either Rwanda Knits or our local VA hospital.

The Yarn Ball will be on Saturday October 9th. Jump over to our website for more details.

Introducing Toby!

Another boy for me, that's a total of 5 boys. UGH! I keep thinking pink, but I keep getting blue. He is a real cutie and is only a week old in these pics. He is running around with all his friends and enjoying life. He has a lot of friends to play with there were 9 born within a two week period. I have one more due at the end of this month. Keep thinking pink for me!