Sunday, December 5, 2010

Christmas Party

My company's Christmas party was an awesome night. It was held on the first floor of the Heinz History Center in downtown Pittsburgh. It was decorated in red and gold and shimmered in candlelight. A beautiful setting among some of Pittsburgh's best memorabilia. The food was spectacular and in the middle of the buffet table was a beautiful decorated 5 foot Christmas tree.

Just like last year we had lobster tails and steak. This is where the above picture comes in. Last year Jim (above) ate quit a few tails. On Monday he was presented with a $75 invoice for eating more than one lobster tail. It was a joke a co-worker plotted and he fell for it all! So this year we had to poke fun at Jim. Donna, Shelly and me plotted a nice surprise for Jim at the party. He was presented with a few lobster mementos by our President. We all had a ton of fun and Jim was a great sport.