Saturday, September 12, 2009

New Class at Highland Alpaca

NEW CLASS at Highland Alpaca

Needle Felting Fun Making a Black and Gold Penguin

Saturday October 10th

9 am to Noon

$40 Per Person

Class limited to 15 people

Register by emailing Karen Cuffaro at

Join us for a fun class to create a delightful penguin using alpaca fiber.

Class instruction will include discussion on a variety of needle felting techniques for both flat and dimensional felting. Needle felting utilizes small, sharp, barbed needles that cause the fibers to tangle into each other when poked. Endless possibilities exist for the use of this simple tool in creating pictures, embellishments, and three dimensional objects. A variety of samples will be on display showing the great diversity of this felting technique.

No experience is necessary, all materials are included to complete the penguin. 2 felting needles are provided and additional ones will be available for purchase should you break one in class.

Bring your camera! After class enjoy spending time with the Alpaca in the pastures and shopping in the Farm Store. Plus see the babies! There are over 85 Alpaca on the farm and come in over 20 different natural colors. Alpacas are gentle creatures that hum to communicate with each other and are very social. Alpaca fiber is one of the finest animal fibers in the world. Because of its fiber structure it is considered warmer than wool and isn’t itchy like wool. Many people who can’t wear wool can wear Alpaca.

Instructor Wini Labrecque

Fiber professional & textile artist



Wini Labrecque has made fiber her profession, studying, training and evaluating its properties from both a scientific and hands on approach. As a textile artist, she has developed a solid background and interest in a wide variety of techniques for utilization of fiber from raw state to finished product. Since the late 1980's, utilizing natural fibers, Wini has been spinning, weaving, knitting and felting. Her handspun skeins and woven/knit goods are sold at area art festivals and in area specialty shops. Wini lectures on all aspects of fiber as well as gives classes in beginning spinning, felting, dying and/or weaving to individuals or small groups. She is a Fiber Arts judge as well as a judge for spin offs, hand spun and mill spun skein competitions, an apprentice camelid fleece judge, and currently completing certification as a camelid fiber grader/sorter.