Sunday, November 14, 2010

Met one of my favorite bloggers

I spent my Saturday in Wooster Ohio at a seminar called Paca to Product. The keynote speaker was Susan Gibbs who happens to be one of my favorite bloggers and Twitterers. I have been following her for probably a year. I enjoy reading about her daily antics on the farm and about the quirkiness and personalities of all the animals that happen to find their way onto the farm.

Susan had the courage to leave her high paying job at CBS in New York to become a shepherdess to her flock of sheep. You can read her story on her website What really is special is that she can make a living doing it. I was so excited to meet Susan and to get a picture with her. The time flew by quickly listening to her stories.

These two little acorns were hand felted and offered for sale at the seminar. They were for a fund raiser for the local arboretum that lost a lot of trees during bad weather this summer. The top of the acorn is the cap of a burl oak acorn and the heart shape is a pin. Might have to try making these little guys with the tops of my acorns. You can't believe how many fall in my yard.

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